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Cuenca Friends arrive to brighten up the Coast...

It's been quite a while since we have seen a bright, warm day, so when it arrived at the same time as Nancy & Chuck, and Bruce and Charlie, we all said that they brought it with them!  Or course, their bright and out-going personalities also brightened up things, too!

Here are a couple of shots before we left for lunch at the Casa Blanca...



We had fun catching up on all the happenings and how the group's stay in Salinas was going.  Nancy did mention, however, that the wifi at their apartment had a problem, hence no new entries in her blog...


We took over three tables, so everyone could people watch...but the best news was when Jorge, our waiter, told us that all meals were "two for one"--wow!




Food was pretty darn good, and we thank Bruce and Charlie for picking up the tab!

And...we gotta shop!


 Here is Nancy giving Charlie a little advice about the likelihood of him ever actually wearing these pants...


The visit was over too soon, as everyone agreed that it would be good to make the trip back to Salinas in the daylight...but...they generously left a beautiful sunset for us...

How about we call this shot "Girls walking on Fire!"

 Here's the pull out of the same shot...


So...a great way to celebrate the beginning of the tourist season, or what!


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