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The "Kids" Thank Us--by Insisting on giving us a private view of their Christmas Pageant!

Rox and I spent Christmas quietly.  We cooked a Virginia Ham, sweet potatoes, and fruit salad, ate early, watched a gorgeous 45 minute sunset show over the water, and figured that we would turn in early.

It was just about 9:00 pm, Rox was putting on her nightgown, and I was just closing down the computer for another day and coming to bed, when Coquita started going absolutely crazy!  We figured something big must be going on, so I jumped back into some clothes and hurried to the door!

Well, Agripina was knocking on the door, so I opened it, and she immediately hit me with machine gun rapid Spanish...so, I was not understanding hardly any of her words, but she was actually sweating and smiling and I finally got the words "singing" and "dancing" and "ninos" (kids).  And...she was motioning that we should come downstairs quickly...

What a shock I got as I looked past her down the steps!  There were kids everywhere!  And then I heard amplified guitar music, of all things!

It turns out that all the kids had just performed the "Christmas Story" at the church, and were taking their show on the road...and...they insisted that they all come on in, because they wanted to give us a private performance!

Here is the last photo first...just to give you an idea of what was going on!



They had on their costumes, but instead of doing the "Christmas Story", they sang and danced various numbers of what I would call their "Christmas Story Musical".  The guitars were beautiful, and the singing and dancing was just wonderful!

There is no way that pictures can convey the feelings of happiness and good will, but here are a bunch of them, so you can get the idea...



A number of the kids played "Shephards in the Field"


Their version comes complete with "Guardian Angels"



The singing and dancing was hard to photograph...but here are some shots...



Now, almost all of these kids were at our party, and they have all received a couple of photos of the 289 that we had printed.  So...it now turns out that they have gone from shy, reserved youngsters, to little hams who love to have their pictures taken!  We are including the next bunch of shots to show just how much fun everyone was having!







Here are the guitar players out of sight, but plenty loud enough! 


 We took a bunch more shots of the kids posing, so I will be hot-footing it down to the Digital Photo Express in about six hours, to be first in line to get about 60 more photos printed.


Rox and I both agreed that this "Christmas Surprise" turned our very pleasant and quiet Christmas 2010 into one of our "best ever".   We wish we could just bottle up these feelings of joy and good fellowship, and send them off to where they are sorely needed...

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