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A Little Peek at the Goodies that the Kid's will receive at the Papa Noel Christmas Party!

A bunch of you folks out there have given generously to this years Kid's Christmas Party, and we wanted you to see what you were buying...

What is not pictured is over 100 lbs of candy and 66 kg (145.2 lbs)of Animal Crackers.  These edibles are triple-wrapped in plastic to ensure that they remain fresh, and that they don't absorb moisture from our humid air.

Here is the long shot going down our hallway--we put them all out so we count each age group and whether it's for boy or girl...



And...a little more detail...




We also have several boxes of school supplies that will be divided up among the gift bags.

The donations from you good folks out there have already paid for these Papa Noel gifts sure to bring a smile to a kid's face...so...thanks mucho

Here's what's left to take care of:

Toys for about 30 more kids...

Hot dogs, soft drinks, and potato salad for close to 400 (The moms come with the kids).

Daily salary for several workers whom we have pulled off their jobs...(this close to Christmas--we said that we would pick up their day's pay).

Rental of 300 stools and little tables...

The cost of Kodak photo finishing for approx 200 kids shown receiving a gift from Papa Noel.  (We have the prints made professionally, because ink-jet printers don't use indelible ink.)

If you wish to bring a smile to a needy child, just send us some dough by PayPal to our email address.  bobnrox@gmail.com

If you wish to send a check to our Oregon bank:

Evergreen Federal Bank

Attn:  David Vickeron

Ecuador Kid's Christmas Party

PO Box 730

Grants Pass, OR 97528

 As I was making this entry, Rox was busy taking all the goodies out of the hall and putting them in a spare bedroom.  She did such a good job with the dolls, that I had to include this shot...






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