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Feb 14--High Tides-Yes, High Waves-Yes, Diabolical Collusion-No!

As predicted, February 14 greeted us at 4 am with very high and loud waves, But...that morning tide was kind of wimpy, so, even though the waves were large, they were kept at bay--no probs...

The afternoon tide was its normal self, and would have made things really dicey, But...this time the really large waves stayed over 100 yards from the beach, and they came at a nice slow pace--so that the ebb tide from the previous wave undercut the incoming one, thus robbing it of its force--no probs...

In no way are we getting cocky about our ability to withstand a combination of High and aggressive waves, coupled with a long-lasting extra high tide.  We are just reporting that, today they took Sunday off...whew...

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