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Schmoozing with some nice folks...

We first met Shell and Marsha when they contacted us after reading the blog.  We had advised that Montanita Spanish School was a good place to brush up on their Spanish, plus the school had a really picturesque setting for their new cabanas, so when they arrived we decided to meet at the Casa Blanca and get to know each other face to face.  (Muchas Gracias for the grub guys...)

We were able to break into their busy class schedule to take a beach ride to see what kind of homes were behind all of those walls. 

 This is all of us as we get ready to go.  As you can see, their cabana retreat looks pretty nifty...



No ride to the beach would be complete without taking a look at Olon beach from the crumbling cliff.


Along with many other Gringos, they are sampling various areas of Ecuador to see which parts send them the right signals...

They will be meeting up with Rich and Nancy in Cuenca soon, so we know that they will get to meet a bunch of really good people in that group, plus get the answers to mucho questions.

Best of luck folks...see you soon,



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