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Brian & Shelley, Fredi, and Daughter Sam, all arrive for fun in the Sun!!!

Here's a shot of Brian and Shelley, Sam, and Fredi arriving yesterday...since then it's been not-stop fun...



It was pretty hot, so first order of business was big beer!!!


And we got some nice gifts--pretty cool!!


 Mom and Daughter sharing pics...


We took a little drive up to Puerto Lopez...but first had to stop to see how much the poor little Ark had eroded--turned out that it is suffering a lot...those of you who have seen this shot before will notice that lots of erosion has taken place.  It's hard to imagine that there was ever room to stand and carefully attach stones to the seaward side that matched the undamaged side...

 Of Course, no trip to Puerto Lopez would be complete without the "big leaf" shot...


Posing with the whale skeleton...


Peace symbols bring back memories...

 The Hotel Pacifico served first class grub in a restaurant setting, but within a step of the malecon.  If you have a hankering to stay in this neat little town, this hotel with garden and ocean view rooms is a must.


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