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Coquita predicts a Cuenca earthquake

We drove up to Cuenca from our place on the Coast, and it is nice to say that the trip was uneventful.  We roared thru Guayaquil, facing only light traffic, so that set the tone for the rest of the trip.

The mountains had faced fierce rain and hail storms in the previous week, so we did get to drive in some mud and some dicey landslide areas.  In one area, we had to circle around two medium sized boulders that had just landed, but mostly the roads were good and the traffic light.  Here is an example or two...


In the foto above, what you are seeing there is really the road--you make the turn or off you go...





We hadn't been to Cuenca since October, so the road construction really impressed us.  That ribbon of concrete gets longer with each passing day.

And...we got to see a bunch of baby llamas...the herd is getting bigger by the day!!!  You can hardly take a bad picture of llamas in the Cajas...

I was affected a little more by the altitude this time, but a couple of SinuTab Non-drowsy (no-sueno) tabs took care of the symptoms.

When we arrived, we grabbed the cart from the storage locker, Rox took Coquita for a walk, and I loaded all the junk into the cart and off we went to the top floor right to our apartment, which looked absolutely great, after being occupied for three months.

Now...our timing couldn't have been better, as a huge hail and lightning storm happened right on top of us!!!  There was so much hail, that it clogged the drains on our outside deck, and the water rose to two inches deep in minutes.  So I used the squeegee to push the ice out of a drain, while I remained inside the living room.   That took care of our problem, but all the water overwhelmed the drain system, and it overflowed into the lobby.

Rox was going to go downstairs a little while later, and discovered that the elevators were off, and when walking down, found the staff sweeping two inches of water out of the lobby.  The lobby is fine now, but the elevators are still off.

So...we are thanking our lucky stars that we were able to get all of our junk up and unloaded while having the wonders of a modern elevator.

We had a nice dinner, determined that there was absolutely nothing but crap on the TV, and again resolved never to get one at the Coast.  We hit the sack early.

At 5:20, Coquita woke us up by making really funny growling noises and leaping up and down and around in circles.  I tried to bury my head in the covers, but she would have none of that, and kept digging until I came up for air.  Finally, we got her calmed down, and said to ourselves "She has never acted like that!".

A minute or two later, the building began to shake.  Being from California, that was no big deal to us, as the strength would only be about one half a point on the Richter Scale.  But...we finally realized that Coquita knew it was coming!!!  And, the good doggy that she is, she wanted to warn us--so she gets to have extra cookies all day!!!

We haven't checked the news yet, but we figure that it is another after shock from the terrible quakes felt by Chile...we don't anticipate good news...(In fact...later we found out that it was a 6.1 aftershock centered in Chile--as of this minute 700 dead, 2 million homeless!)




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    Response: big dick
    Coquita predicts a Cuenca earthquake - You can join here... - BobnRox
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    Coquita predicts a Cuenca earthquake - You can join here... - BobnRox
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    Coquita predicts a Cuenca earthquake - You can join here... - BobnRox

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