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"Everyone Knows Our Name", or the Power of Television!!!

Zowiee!!!  We didn't realize the "star-power" we had, until Rox, Coquita and I took a short walk around the town this morning, just to see what kind of projects might be shaping up.   We sort of began a discussion of our damage, with one nice little ol' lady, and soon drew a crowd of folks all wanting to put in their two cents about the terrible waves, El Nino, the Government, and various remedies, etc...Most of these folks wanted to let us know that they helped get the TV crews and government representatives over to see our damage... 

It seems that we are actually being treated like celebrities in our little town.  We have had calls and emails from people we know, all over Ecuador, expressing concern, and wishing us well.

After lunch, we had figured that our 15 seconds of fame had passed, so we got down to more mundane stuff like getting more food in the house and another 200 sandbags for the guys to fill.  Seems as if 200 is a lot when you are buying them, but when they are filled and placed, you realize that you seriously underestimated how many it takes to fill a big void in the front yard...

So...off to Salinas I went, for a quick turnaround, no lunch, no fun, just buy stuff and get back home...

Now it gets a little more interesting--As I walked into SuperMaxi, (a very Safeway-like store), I was immediately approached by clerks and the Asst Mgr, to inquire how I was, how was Roxanne, how was the house, and what was going to happen next, and these folks immediately passed the word that the guy from Manglaralto, who was in the papers and on TV last night, was in the store!!!  Now, you couldn't confuse this treatment with the treatment Brad Pitt gets, but, for me it was a first!

It seems that everyone wanted me to know that they also saw me on TV, and that they were concerned and wished me luck.  They also said that they hoped that the guv-mint would help us out--as this was my theme throughout the interviews...

I enjoyed the "nice, warm feeling" all the way home.

So folks, stay tuned...



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