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Thanks Friends! Your concern and well wishes make us feel Great!!! We are Pretty Much Fine Right Now...

As all of you readers know, bad news sells papers, and good news is a big yawn...and we have to say, that the photos that were printed showing damage to us and the Coast, could hardly have made matters look any worse!  We are writing this little note, because so many of you have expressed great concern that we are even staying with the house!

The fact is, we are just fine!  At this time, we are having very low high tides, and almost non-existent waves--the reason we think, is that the moon is causing trouble on the other side of the planet.

Even though the photos made it look as if our place was sliding into the sea, we still have a ways to go before the house is in any real danger.  I would say that we have 40 feet of undisturbed yard at this time, and the guys are reclaiming some everyday, with sand bags.

We have no problem with access, in that our property is a block wide, and we enter from a safe, paved street, through our gates, where Agripina and Isidro live in the two bedroom cottage, then walk about 100 feet before reaching the back of our place.  Our house is pretty long, and then you have another 40 feet before you reach the sand bags...

The next test, according to the TV News, will be February 17, when huge waves are predicted.  I presume that is when the moon will be exerting more force on our tides.

We think that we are on schedule to handle the next bunch of big waves, but we would appreciate all of you keeping your fingers and toes crossed, anyway...

We are a little behind on our correspondence right now, but please know that we will be replying to everyone who wrote...

Thanks mucho!!!

  Bob & Roxanne

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