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The Cavalry has Arrived!!! We Think!!!

It's Monday morning, a week after all of the news broke about the Coast "falling into the Ocean".  We had been hearing that we were scheduled to have some help, but we felt it was smart not to rely on anything until we see the rock piling up in front of us.

To that end, we have had the guys re-doubling their efforts to fill sandbags.

 We heard the big excavator working on the former project this morning, and went on down to see what was in store for us...The operator said that trucks with rock were coming, but also mentioned delays due to detours and rain...here is the job that he is finishing up...



We were thrilled to see a ten yard truck arrive with a bunch of boulders, and dump it next to the home that was slated to fall over with the next huge tide...

 The owner of this home does not know that he has suffered any damage, like losing his whole front yard, and all of his fencing, plus his front deck...Nor does he know that the government is adding boulders right up next to his footings, just to keep his house upright...to say that he is in for a surprise would be putting it mildly.  The fencing that you see here was retrieved from the surf and nailed up to side of the house after the deck was destroyed. You will notice in the above picture that the foundation footings are sitting about 8 inches from the sandbank...so this excavator pushed two ton boulders right up to the side of the bank--hopefully that will be enough to stop the waves erosion...


All of this is happening right down from us!!!  We now have our fingers crossed that the job continues just fine, and we have protection soon.


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