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Cooking Dinner in the Office...

Well, this whole new kitchen is going to take about a month, so we figured that we didn't want to just eat bread and cheese for every meal, so we moved the whole kitchen into the office!  That's not such a big deal, in that the kitchen was way small, and the office is one of the largest rooms in the house.  So...I am working on this entry, as I watch the food cook...

The guys mixed up the mortar in the middle of the room today, and made the arcs look pretty darn respectable.  They also wired up the larger arc with power for lights that will shine down on the new cook-top and switches at the appropriate places.

They have a neat way of keeping their lines straight, in that they frame the work with wood and get the basic mud lathered on, then finish it as it gets a little harder...

I believe that Rox plans to put on the first coat of paint on each arc in the morning...

 And, as you all know, when you remodel, you have to live with the mess...and that's after they have spent 30 minutes trucking junk outside!!!


Oh!  I should say, that the one month deadline to completion, contemplates the time it takes to get cabinets and counter top made, delivered, and installed...If it was up to these two guys, we would be done in a week!!!


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