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Projects here in Ecuador come in "Right on Time!!!"

As all of you blog readers are aware, there is a lot of bitching about how long everyone seems to have to wait to get the Ecuadoreans to complete a project.  It often seems to me that the people who spend so much time bitching should just get a life, so they don't have to gripe so much...

As you can tell by reading all of our recent entries, about the new kitchen at the Coast, that job came in exactly on time, and perfectly done to match our agreement.

Today  the two easy chairs in our Cuenca apartment were delivered, reupholstered  perfectly, and frankly even better than we dared hope.  The guys picked them up on Noon Monday, and they just delivered them at 4:00 on Friday, and hour before the agreed upon delivery date...

These two chairs had originally been covered in some sort of abstract print fabric, and as they wore a little, they seemed to have wine and coffee stains all over them, when actually, it was the pattern.  Bruce and Charlie, two very knowledgeable ex-pats, told us about the furniture store where they had their couch done, and everything that they said turned out to be perfect--so thanks mucho Bruce and Charlie.

Old Chair:

 Here are the guys humping in one of the new looking chairs...


With the wrapping off...


Here is a shot of the chair on its own...it is hard to see, but these chairs also required the guys to scallop the bottom all around, the front of the arms, and curve of the back...mucho more work...and yes, these guys aren't just the trucker-delivery guys--they are the actual upholsterers!!!


We usually get a couple of questions about cost, so here it is:  about fifty bucks for the material for each chair, and fifty bucks each to do such a great job upholstering them.  We doubled the tip to ten bucks, as they did all the work!!!


 Rox just took this shot a second ago...

  Maria at PuntHogar was perfect.  She told us what she could do, helped us select a fabric on hand, named a price, made an appointment to pick up the chairs, gave us a date that they would be returned, and everything was perfect!!!
We couldn't believe that there would not be some glitch, but no way.
She is right next to SuperMaxi by the Stadium and M. Plaza (Manual J Calle 3-90 y Alfonso Moreno), and her phone is 07 2 810 825.    I just noticed from the invoice that the name of our fabric is "Brooklyn Peanut"...for you folks with inquiring minds... 

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