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Adventures in reading a third grade textbook...

Manual, one of our contractors, mentioned the other day, that he was proud that he had worked all week, because then he enough money extra, so that he could buy supplemental school texts for his daughter.  President Correa has mandated that all children get the basic texts free of charge.  In fact, each page has the message that the book is free and can not be sold.  However, there are other textbooks that are available that help the kids even more by providing practice pages for each subject.

In fact, he brought them over for us to look over.  Now, I thought that we were just going to see the normal basic reading and arithmetic type of stuff, but I said I would look anyway.

Surprisingly, these books for seven year olds, contained much more information about life, and social interaction, and health, than I had ever seen in US schools.

The first book that I looked at had all the normal stuff, but also contained passages telling the kids how to recognize herbs that cured diarrhea, headaches, stomach aches and colds.  In addition, it carefully explained how each child could purify water by taking a teaspoon of bleach, adding it to a bucket of water, and letting it sit, to make safe drinking water.

The next day, we saw more books, and I took some photos this time.


As you can see, some of the various tribes are named, along with their locations and style of dress.  All of this, of course, to alleviate feelings of strangeness about their fellow citizens, and to nip prejudice in the bud...


Good social skills are praised, while negative ones are minimized...


Stressing the importance of protecting the environment and wildlife...


As most of our readers know, the basic monetary unit in Ecuador is the Yankee Dollar...here the kids are getting a little more familiar with bills most will never see...

 The gold colored dollar coin is US minted and very handy...

Other drawings and pictures showed women breast feeding their babies, and others showed the cycle of birth to death of people, plants, and animals.  This natural cycle even included a drawing of an older man lying in a coffin. 

So...all in all, I was impressed at the broad brush of life that these young third graders were getting.  They grow up young here, and their teachers know that they will be facing all the realities of life in the not too distant future.

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