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Our Wicker End Tables were ready "Right on Time!"

Actually, our tables were ready one day earlier than promised, so again, here is an Ecuadorian company delivering the goods "right on time".

Here is a shot of the sign in case any of you need to order first class, custom made wicker furniture with steel frames.



Here's a shot of Rox, Coquita, and Henry, the Artist-Owner of the "studio"...


The tables...


Some other pieces that were waiting to be picked up...




Here's what it takes to create this furniture...obviously artistic talent is needed to take this:


Steel like this:


and end up with a piece like this:

 He told me that he dreamed up the design in his head, figuring what an "antique" piece might look like...it wasn't sold last week when we were there, but I wouldn't doubt that some sharp-eyed buyer has loaded it in her SUV by now... 





 Here's Rox posing in our Master bedroom...I think she is waiting for the wicker Jaguar to arrive...(joke, joke...)


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