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A Special Brother gets to eat Ice Cream and Cake...

Well Rich...it looks as if another 365 have come and gone...and it's your turn to celebrate!!!  I guess when you are as old as we are, you celebrate the fact that you can still put one in front of the other...and we do!!!

You are a special person, in that you have become a "sage" in Cuenca in very short order--just a few steps down the road from the ranch in Grants Pass--who'd a thunk?

Rox and I and Coquita wish you the very best on this fun birthday, and feel that we must remind you that if you eat your ice cream too fast, you will get a headache!  So...please...take a few sips of red wine between bites, and if all else fails, cover the ice cream with mucho hot fudge!!!

We wish we were there with you to celebrate, but we will make up for it when we see you in September...

Have a great day!!!


Bob & Rox & your special buddy, Coquita...


Lookin' good, and feelin' better!!!






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