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Chuck and Nancy as the Gracious Hosts...

Wednesday night, Rich and Nancy, and Rox and I,  headed on over to Chuck and Nancy's wonderfully decorated "Garden" apartment.  This was our first visit, and were we impressed!  They have a ground floor apartment featuring a huge outdoor terrace on two sides.  Chuck is truly a "Master Gardener", as we say in Oregon.  He has transformed the outdoor living area into a green paradise of native Ecuadorean plants!   What's really nice, is that one can see "Chuck's Selva" (jungle) from almost every room in the house.

The only problem here, is that this ace reporter forgot to take pictures.  So, if you wish to take a look, you better log on to their award winning blog.  http://watsontravels.blogspot.com/ 

However, we did get a couple of shots of all of us "helping out", as they dished up a really tasty spaghetti dinner, including garlic bread, Caesar Salad, and a sauteed banana ice cream dessert that literally melted in your mouth...





After finishing a meal that a lot of Italian Restaurants would be proud to serve, we adjourned to the terrace where we continued to solve the world's problems by candlelight...

So, thanks Chuck and Nancy...you done good...again!!!



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