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Rich and Nancy--Attentive Hosts, Good Fun, Informative Talk, and all this as relatives...

Again, we need to thank Rich and Nancy for their continuing good will, support, and attention, as we get ready to host the Kid's Christmas Party.

Cuenca is far superior to the Coast in obtaining toys like trucks and dolls for the kids.  It also has a more plentiful selections of party supplies.  And, for sure it has a lot better selection of Christmas candy and Animal Crackers.  The last, we will buy in November, when we return for another big load of stuff!

This week we met new people and experienced another new restaurant, thanks to them...and we were lucky enough to have them cook for us, and that was a great treat!

In fact, we were so successful in purchasing stuff, that we forgot that the car would not take it all...so here is Rich using his many "trucker"s knots" to keep the load safe and secure for a seven hour trip to the Coast.  (It was exactly the same when we pulled through our gates).

As you can see, there is no more room for stuff inside...

And...we got to say another farewell to Chuck and Nancy, as they were arriving for their Sunday walk to town with Rich and Nancy...

So...thanks again guys...love, Bob & Rox

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