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Happy Hour with a pod of whales...

Last night, as we were sipping beverages on the deck lamenting that the cloud cover might preclude any sunset,  we spotted a group of big and little spouts all going off at once...

Whales are so special that it makes your day just to see evidence of them in their natural environment.  This pod appeared to be split between big and little ones.  They were out about a half mile, so we didn't get a very good look, but they stuck around for about an hour.  Usually they just go along in front of us and then they are gone, but last night it seemed that they had found some goodies to eat, and we were happy to see them milling around.

There wasn't much of the tail slapping or dancing that we see with Humpbacks or Killer Whales, so we can't say for sure just what we were seeing.  There was one magnificent jump that seemed to hang in the air, and some evidence of a white tummy...but that could be either type of whale.

But...it kept our interest, as we kept telling each other where to look next, as each spout appeared...

All in all, a very good night...

Posted on Sat, September 4, 2010 at 09:31AM by Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne | Comments3 Comments

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Bob and Rox,

Been reading your blog since the first posts, leading up to this last one (for me). We love your sunny attitude and the great pictures of the Coast and the sunsets.

Kathy and I are moving to Playas in about one year. We are starting out in Ocean Towers, a resort type high rise community just outside of Playas. We plan to branch out from there and explore the Coast to find a beachfront area to buy a house, or maybe some land to build a house. We are bringing my Norwich Terrier and my wife's Cairn Terrier. My wife wanted to start out slow as far as "living local", but we will rent near Playas (that will scare her enough, LOL) until our condo is finished in August of 2012. We have lived in Southern California all our lives near the beach, so Coastal Ecuador fits our lifestyle and climate choices.

Love your blog, but how do you "register" in order to "login"? I am pretty computer literate, but can't seem to find the trick. BTW, my wife is craaaazy for Christmas, so when we get down there, perhaps we can help out. In the meantime, let me know how I can contribute $$$ to this year's festivities. It is such a blessing to read how wonderful the people of Ecuador are, and how appreciative they are for the small things in life. We should all strive to be grateful for all the blessing in life.


November 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJRandKathy

Hi JR...thanks for the good vibes...makes writing the blog all the more fulfilling.
Your plan at Ocean Towers sounds good...I will feel more comfortable when they actually break ground on the first tower...
We welcome any help you can send for the Kid's Christmas Party. Paypal to our email address is the easiest.
We will look forward to meeting you when you are in our area...your doggies, too!

Take care of yourselves,

Good luck,

Bob & Roxanne

November 24, 2010 | Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne

This sounds like it was an amazing moment to be in. Thanks for sharing.

April 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPods

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