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Happy "Twenty Eleven"--Here we go!!!

Last night we celebrated our 4th New Year's Eve in Ecuador, and we have to say, it just gets better every year--and by that I mean everything!

Leading up to New Year, La Libertad, the city right next to Salinas, lines its streets with paper mache figures of every description.  These are purchased and burned at midnight New year's Eve, with all the bad luck, feelings, vibes, that happened in the previous year.  All with the aim of beginning the New Year fresh without out the old baggage...good idea!  Here are a few...




 The man in the suit is President Correa...





This young lady had set up shop in the center two foot strip, dividing six lanes of traffic..very cool!



On the way home, we saw these two...I would say there were some pretty big demons that needed purging, as these burned!


Young guys dress up as red devils, and pretty much whistle at your window, until you come up with a little change--they also try to block the road with a small strip of fabric--mostly that doesn't work...It's sort of like trick-or-treat...again, it's to pay off the bad things that happened the previous year, etc.


That day, being a devil was hot work--here they are taking a break... (Yeah, I know...)  

That evening, we loved this sunset...


We made a date with Shell, Marsha and their daughter Ami, to have dinner at the Casa Blanca...and watch the people parade!  First they had to check out the wares of the guy that Rox tips each year.  If you remember from last year, the five dollar tip she gave him, almost brought tears to his eyes, because it had been a bad sales day and he said "this is food for my family"... 

Of course, now, they are great buddies...

 Here are some shots of the passing parade--lots of young folks eyeing each other...


 Speaking of flirting, Coquita and Tina got to know one another for a minute...Tina seemed to have the same kind of personality as Coquita--only her owner was some kind of grooming fanatic, that combed her six inch hair right over her face--that's right, she couldn't see!  But she sensed that Coquita was a fellow spirit...  Ami took this shot with her I Phone--then sent it right to our computer..cool...


The passing scene must have got their attention!


I'm sure that this dude has a "I Luv NY" tee at home... 


Jorge, our excellent waiter, and new teacher, stopped by to say hello, as he was helping the restaurant prepare for the onslaught of 100 reserved guests...

 The dinner was first rate, as usual, primarily because four out of the five of us ordered my favorite dinner, fried rice with a ton of veggies, topped with a sauteed chicken breast, covered with peppers and onions--tastes good from the first bite, to the last...

And then...like intelliget people, we took off for home--knowing that New Year's Eve is amature drinker's night--so stay out of their way--especially on the road!

Rox and I couldn't stay awake until midnight, but no worries, it sounded like world war III at the stroke of midnight!  Our little town of Manglaralto has a huge budget for fireworks, and they shoot them from the town square to explode over the soccer field 100 feet from our house!  So...needless to say, we got up and watched them--beautiful!



On the first day of the new year, we were sipping coffee and watching just a gorgeous day beginning...had to take this shot of the pelicans skimming the waves...


Rox and I want to wish everyone a great 2011--It has had a good beginning--we hope it continues that way for all of you!


Posted on Sat, January 1, 2011 at 12:30PM by Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne | Comments4 Comments

Reader Comments (4)

Happy New Year to you both too. Beautiful pics, How much do those paper mache' figures cost, that they can afford to burn them so soon after purchase?

January 2, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJim Mola

Hi Jim...great to hear from you! Hope you are staying warm in the windy city...
Your question is a good one...a better one is, "what happens to all the ones that they don't sell?" Shell and Marsha asked someone what it would cost to buy one, and the answer was $80.00. I neglected to ask the size. They went ahead and made a couple of heads and dressed them up, covering two balloons, and using duct tape, shreaded for hair. They had a great time burning them up at midnight!

Obviously, we don't see a lot of them here on the Coast, because the people are just too poor. However, there are a ton of rich folks from Guayaquil who go to the beach during that holiday, and I presume that they take some of the manequins back home with them.

Instead of a huge fire a minute after midnight, I would guess that some of the folks store the unsold models until next year...quien sabe?

Always great to hear from you! Chime in whenever you get the urge...

Bob & Roxanne

January 4, 2011 | Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne

the restaurant does this become angry for the dog sitting at the mesa for to eat?

no es muy higiénico, es muy sucio y malo!

January 5, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLuis

Hi Luis...thanks for writing. Your concern would be well placed, except that we are their best customer by a huge factor. In addition, we send a large number of new customers to them!
As far as dirty and not hygenic, most dogs are cleaner than people...(especially their tongues).
And...there are dogs wandering in off the street all the time. Ours sits on her own chair and does not touch the table.
She is part of our family--she goes where we go!
And...the owner, the manager, the cook staff, and Hector and Jorge, and the bartenders, all think she is just fine!
Plus...if you feel offended, there are 50 other restaurants for you to choose from.



January 6, 2011 | Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne

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