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64 Days until the Kid's Party--Time to Giddy Up!

This year, Rox and I have quite a bit on our plate, what with our trip to the US this summer, and trips to Ibarra, and multiple trips to Cuenca, not to mention building a new apartment for guests...but...the most important item of all is our attempt to make a huge amount of really poor kids, really happy,  just prior to Christmas!

Now, you regular readers know that many of these kids only get a piece of fruit at Christmas...

As you know, or can read the past Christmas party blog entries, the kids get a a Christmas bag containing a macho truck or a doll, plus a ton of edible goodies, plus some educational aides.  We also feed them and two of their parent/relatives.  But, the most important fun time for all is the visit front Santa, who is called Papa Noel down here!

And, we are finding out, one of the long lasting treasures that the family takes away, is the photo that we give each family of their child with Papa Noel.  That may be the only photo that they have of that child for the whole year!

Our photos are printed on Kodak paper by Digital Photo Express, the biggest processor in Ecuador, but we have just found out that our salt air at the Coast just eats away these kid's photos as the year goes on.  Take a look at a photo of me that was sitting next tot he printer in our office, for Pete's sake!

This is how it is supposed to look...


This print was sitting on the credenza next to my desk since last Christmas...

 Our solution to this erosion of the picture quality is to buy 500 of these envelopes, so that each family will have a protected photo that will be safe from salt air and numerous well wishing finger prints...


The purchase of 500 of these envelopes is just a small example of costs that we incur that are kind of out of the spotlight.


Last month, we went to Cuenca and totally loaded the SUV with trucks and dolls, and we are happy to say that your generous contributions have kept up with these expenditures.

This week we return to Cuenca for an equal number of toys, plus many huge bags of Animal Crackers, and Christmas candy.

We have long way to go folks, so,  if you would like to send a little dough that would make a huge difference in the quality of the party and the happiness of the kids, just use our PayPal account which is bobnrox@gmail.com the same as our email address...

Or if you wish to send a check to our Oregon Bank, drop us a line, and we will give you the bank's address, etc...

Thanks again to all of you really great readers!!!


Bob & Roxanne 


 Here's a look at last year's party to get you in the mood...



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