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We work together to save the life of an endangered Sea Turtle!

Yesterday morning the waves served up a sight we always hate to see--a dead Sea Turtle.  When these majestic creatures get caught up in the fisherman's nets, they always lose.  They either drown, or are bashed on the head, because they are so dangerous to the fishermen trying to clear their nets.

Rox was leaving for her walk just then, and walked over to see the "dead" Turtle, and immediately ran back to tell us all that "He is still alive"!!!

Well,  this news galvanized us, and all of our construction crew, into action.  We ran out to see the turtle and were gratified to see that he was still pretty strong.  He had a nasty dent in the top of his skull, so we knew he had been bashed in the head last night.

We had the guys try to walk and half carry him further into the waves, so that he might have a chance to live, but the waves were just too strong for him, and he just kept getting washed back onto the beach, and once was overturned, so that he was totally helpless.

This was really distressing to us, and we asked the guys what else we could do.

They suggested that we take him to the sea mammal rescue part of the Valdivia Aquarium.  Here are some shots of the endeavor...

 The guys loading him into a wheelbarrow...



 Rox took all of these shots...


By the time we had gotten him from the beach, through our gate, and into our front yard, it was becoming apparent that he was weakening fast.  His once active thrashing was reduced to a pitiful wave of a flipper.


We knew that we had to work fast, and the guys found this large plastic half-drum, gently placed him in it, and then hoisted him up into our new car.  (no time to look around for someone's pickup!)


As you can see, he was really weak...

We had not envisioned using our new car to transport large, injured sea mammals, but it didn't make any difference today...


It was a long 15 minute ride to the Aquarium, and when we arrived, our poor turtle had his eyes closed, was sunk down into the tub, and was not moving.  We were pretty sure that he had died on the way over.

One of the guys tried to rouse him, and was rewarded by a little twitch of movement.  This got everyone moving fast, so we hurriedly got the aquarium's attention, cleared a path, and rushed our turtle to one of the turtle treatment tanks...  (In hindsight, we think that the poor guy was carsick)

Here, the director is gently lowering him into the salt water tank...


This tank is just what the doctor ordered...in a few minutes, our turtle was swimming around testing the limits of the tank.  The director had examined the head wound, and told us that our Sea Turtle had a good chance to survive.  This is quite a change for a mammal who probably would not have lasted for more than a couple of hours on the beach!



We watched as the helpers threw in squid, for lunch, but it was determined that our turtle needed another day or two, before his appetite would return.

We all have our fingers crossed that these caring folks can nurture our turtle back to good health.  In fact, I asked if they needed a donation for his immediate care, and was told that they could use some medicine to help his recovery...my hand moved really fast into my pocket, figuring that if they would do the work, we could certainly help with the bucks...

Our Suite guests, John and Chris were with us all the way on this endeavor today, and Chris said that "Today's my birthday, and this successful rescue is one of the best presents I could hope for!!!"

After making sure that our turtle was swimming peacefully, we sort of toured the property.  We found lots of marine life that the Aquarium was rehabilitating.

This juvenile sea lion was found wandering around just south of here.  He would have died without intervention in that he was totally lost in an area foreign to sea lions.  He is a little lonely without other sea lions, and has adopted people as his friends.  As soon as we approached, he came right on over and began talking to us.


These Marmots are happily swimming in their pool...



We saw penguins, pelicans, various kinds of fish, crabs, eels, and even this crocodile, found in the jungle up in the Manta area...


It was a real treat to see that some of these endangered or exotic breeds were being well cared for, especially those that had lost their ability to fend for themselves in the wilds.

Please take a look at this website for more photos...


Here are the photos of their brochure...


This was one of those "good days" where we all knew that by working together, we really made a difference!  Can't hardly beat that "warm feeling".


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Reader Comments (4)

What a great experience. Thanks to all of you who helped save the Turtle.

November 13, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterTwila

As always, good deeds done by good people. The turtle was lucky he washed up on your beach. Cheers to all.
Shelagh and Peter

November 13, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterShelagh

How wonderful that you were able to save the sea turtle --
we hope that he will make it back to the sea and escape
the fishermen's nets in the future! Great photos, too!!!

November 13, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSherry and Hank Pangborn

Can't wait to get down there and get the Earthrace Chapter started so that we can prevent this from happening. I was completely unaware that the fisherman club the turtles. We need to educate them and let them know that there will be alternatives to this outcome. Please post on your blog about Earthrace Conservation Organization. You can link it from my blog at www.tckoontz.blogspot.com


November 15, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCandace Koontz

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