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Only a few Days until the Kid's Party...

With about 350 kids and 150 mamas slated to arrive at our place in nine days, we are realizing what a huge undertaking this Party is getting to be.


Here's Rox posing with 30 dolls, as she gets them into some kind of age order, so that we can begin packing over 350 Papa Noel gift bags...we figure that we will be giving out 175 dolls...

I went to Guayaquil to get 500 individual bags of potato chips, and wholesale prices on 500 wieners for the hot dogs...here are some of the store personnel counting out each bag of chips to make sure the count is right.

We now have a bunch of potato cases reaching to the ceiling in our back guest room.

The wieners were sold by the huge bag by the kilogram--you can imagine carrying a bag that contains all 500 hot dogs.  It was so big, that we had to press the new refrigerator for the new suite into service, just to keep it all cold.  Of course, all the racks are out and sitting on top of the fridge...

This year, with 500 guests, we are moving the party outside again.  Our plan is to have  a "Santa's Workshop" just behind the new garage door.  We will encircle the runners for the door, to provide the red "wallsl".  Papa Noel will be sitting on his large chair next to  the Christmas Tree, when the door opens in front of the huge crowd of kids and mamas...All of the behind the scenes stuff will take place in the large garage out of sight of the happy kids. 

Our wonderful work crew will stop working on the new suite and garage on the day of the party, and will help us put on this shin-dig.  They will be sprucing up the work area to make it look festive, provide security, help with all decorations and scaffolding.  set up seating for 500 including tables.

We still need to put Christmas candy and animal crackers in baggies, and load all 350 gift bags that each boy and girl will receive from Papa Noel...

Here is shot of the work crew, with Alfredo, who is the foreman, also doing double duty for his fourth year as Papa Noel.  We're thinking that this year, he may actually need a pillow for his costume, as he has lost about 50 pounds doing hard, hard construction for the last couple of years.You will notice that number "35" is a much thinner Alfredo...

This is a shot of the Christmas tree, decorated by Rox, which will be moved down to sit by Papa Noel during the party...

I got back from the hardware store to see Rox looking like a very young "Mrs Claus" as she was busy making a dozen more "Santa Hats", which will be worn by the additional staff this year.  Santa Hats just don't seem to be popular on store shelves here in Ecuador, so the next best thing is to make them just as Mama Claus does!!!


 The amazing generosity of you great readers has kept this party solvent, by already taking care of the purchase of all the wieners and potato chips, all the animal crackers (over 200 pounds), and all of the candy, plus all of the gifts!  (not to mention, plates, glasses, napkins, baggies, and photo sleeves)

Here's the pitch!  We still need a little help with purchase of 500 hot dog buns, lots of mustard, catsup & Mayo.  In addition to our volunteers, we will also be paying the daily wage of about 12 construction personnel, plus a stipend to many of the ladies who work so hard in the kitchen, making all of those plates that are so special to the kids...

We need to rent tables and stools to seat the crowd.

We need a ton of soft drinks for everyone, and a couple of cases of beer for the help, as they kill themselves cleaning up after all is said and done...

And, we need a little help with the cost of giving each child a copy of him or her with Papa Noel.  We know that, for many families, this is the only photo they have of their child for the whole year!

If you wish to send some dough, please send it to our PayPal account bobnrox@gmail.com  


And...if you wish to see how this all goes down, just click here to see some shots of last year's party!!!


Thanks mucho!!!



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