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500 baggies hold a whole lot of candy!

As we approach the day of the Kid's Christmas Party, even the most mundane tasks grow large when multiplied by 500!

We spent Sunday afternoon selecting assorted candy and animal crackers  for inclusion into the 500 baggies that will be part of the gift bags that Papa Noel hands out to each child.  

Here is Roxanne sitting on the queen sized bed, where we have poured several large bags of wrapped candy, and about one half a bag of animal crackers, as we begin the task of filling the baggies.   

This mountain of goodies was replenished several times during the afternoon.

Rox took this shot of me as I partially obscured part of our huge pile of filled baggies.  It took us about three hours, but the time passes quickly, as we have to sample various types of different candy for quality control, and, of course, make sure that no broken animal cracker goes to waste... 

In the last several days, your generous donations have offset the cost of the 500 buns that Agripina and I ordered to fit the 500 weiners that we bought last week.  Donations have paid for the rental of the tables and chairs for 500.  And, donations have offset a few of the wages we will be paying the construction crew for that day as they provide the labor to get this party up and running, and provide security during the party.  

Your generosity is keeping us even, but we still need a few more bucks to pay the rest of the staff salaries and for the 400 photos that we will have printed by "Digital Photo Express", on the day after the big event.  This enlargement of a child with Papa Noel is sometimes the only photo that a family has of that child for the whole year.

If you wish to participate in this really happy event, just send some dough to our PayPal account bobnrox@gmail.com 

Thanks mucho!

Just had to put in the nifty shot of our Sunset...our weather is perfect just now... 

My brother Rich, and his wife Nancy, are going to be arriving for a long overdue visit, to help me celebrate my birthday.  We are looking forward to showing them all the progress we have made here, and the astounding progress Montanita has made into turning itself into the number one tourist attraction in Ecuador...And, of course, it is great to catch up on all of our "goings on".  So...stay tuned for photos of their fun visit...

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Those are really a lot of candies. I'll keep visiting for more of your posts.

December 31, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterplumbing

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