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If you have 500 wieners, you can't make dogs, without 500 buns!

Yesterday, we knew the party was close when the 100 year old bakery in the next town rang up Agripina to say that the 500 hot dog buns that we had ordered for the party,  were ready.  This news was exciting to everyone, so before I could get the car out the gate, we were joined by Agripina, Isidro, and two grandchildren.

When we arrive, we find our hot dog buns being stored everywhere!


The above photo shows just a fraction of our buns...they had them stored in racks all over, and a bunch were carefully stored in cardboard boxes.

We always bring our own set of new garbage bags, because they never have sacks big enough to haul all of our goodies.

Here they are loading up...

Everyone took part in the process...

The oven was cool now after doing the same job for the last 100 years... 

As you home bread makers know, you don't just mix up a batch of bread dough, mold it to shape, and throw it in the oven--No Sir!...you have to put it into a workable form, let it rise, pound it down, and let it rise again, after that, you can then shape it.

Well, picture each of these 500 buns as a small loaf of bread, and you will get the picture of the baker and his family taking a small raised ball of dough, and then rolling it briskly on a floured table, to produce this custom made bun.


Well, everyone worked together to pack these "baby bread loaves" into 7 new garbage sacks, and get them stowed carefully in the back freight area of the wagon.

When I went to pay the bill, I was told that the price for one bun was a dime, so the bill was 50 bucks.  The baker had a tear in his eye, as he realized that the $10 tip I gave him was real.

He recovered quickly, and soon was ordering his family to fill all manner of small sacks with various bakery items that were around.  As we loaded up ourselves back into the car, each person had a little bag of bakery goodies, and was munching away with a happy look complete with bulging cheeks...

Now, if that isn't a good start for the Party Mood, I don't know what is!


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