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The California Kitchen puts a Welcome Twist on "Gringo Night"

George, Carol, Jim and Suzy, the owners of the California Kitchen are inaugurating their new bar on Gringo Night--Tomorrow!

Get this!  Half price or "two for one", well drinks AND $3.00 per glass house wine!!!

There are going to be a ton of folks there, so here are some suggestions for everybody to make the evening go as smoothly as possible!!!

1.  Come a little early!  Get your drinks without standing in line!

2.  There will be no tabs, cash and carry, so get those twenty dollar bills changed and bring a lot of ones and fives!

3.  They will have enough bartenders, but this is not a speed bar with a mixing gun, so the drinks will be good, but will not come out at a 100mph--SO...be polite and give the guys a break--your turn will come!

4.  For you math wizards, half price also means "TWO for ONE, so order both drinks at the same time.  It makes everything easier for everybody--the bartender is more efficient, and you won't be back fighting the crowd so soon!

5.  And most important of all!  When you get your drinks, GET OUT OF LINE!  Let the other thirsty folks move closer to the bar--you can talk to them later! 

6.  If you have multiple orders!!!  Write them down on a note and pass it to the bartender!  He will have trouble hearing you, so this will speed up your order and everybody behind you will appreciate it!


Here is a shot of George and Jim posing in front of their just finished bar...



 You can see another shot of the new bar, as Suzy takes our order for a fabulous breakfast!


It takes the whole crew to bring our breakfast!  Rox was a little timid, and only ordered enough for one stevedore, while I ordered enough for the whole shift!

 My "Day Ender" breakfast included two fresh, homemade, fluffy biscuits, with sausage gravy--the best! AND, two delicious Belgium waffles with lots of hot syrup, AND a mountain of bacon, AND half a plate of fresh cut hash-browns, AND two delicious eggs, sunny-side-up!

If you folks are missing out on these breakfasts, you are missing a real treat!

As you can see, the guys have stocked a pretty good back bar--but, please remember that Happy Hour only includes the well drinks! 

Our old friends Art and Ruth, who were favorite customers at our bar and restaurant, sent these photos from way back in our past...thot we might include them here to let you know that we have really been there and done that--we know exactly what it feels like to have orders flung at you from behind five people and what it feels like to have hands come around the side of the bar to get your attention. (check hand on Rox's shoulder!)...Also, it's a real kick to try to remember four drinks that you are making while the guy in front of you is ordering three more!

* WELL DRINKS 1 FOR $3.00, 2 FOR $6.00
* WINE - $2.50 PER GLASS


 This is me relaxing after putting the restaurant to bed for the night--then we get to come upstairs and bar-tend for about four hours!

 'Course, Rox always looks good!



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