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Guests in our New Suite help bring in a record catch!!!

Mark and Bev, a nice couple from British Columbia, got to participate in a unique form of fishing the other day.  As we have featured previously, there is a practice here of hauling, to the beach, a beat up fishing row boat on an older truck, complete with about 1000 meters of line and 500 meters of fish net.  The boat is launched by a bunch of the guys, and four of them row out about 500 yards stringing out line as they go, then they turn and go 500 meters parallel to the beach, stringing out fish net as they go, and then they complete the horseshoe by coming back in trailing another 500 meters of line.  Now the workers pull this fish net in evenly, trapping a lot of fish as they pull.

As we watched this scenario play out, we noticed that the guys were having a heck of a time pulling in the line.  Soon, thanks to cell phone calls, there were at least 20 pullers on each line.  Mark decided that he would lend a hand and maybe help turn the tide...take a look...


This was the largest catch we have seen in over three years--by more than double...



These guys took four hours to load NINE trucks with fish!!!



Responsibility starts young here in Ecuador--take a look at these kids loading up, so that their family will have three for four days of good dinners...





These three girls just couldn't carry all the fish they had, so Rox went down and gave them some SuperMaxi bags so they could redistribute the load...lots of smiles all around...




Mark is familiar with the loads that various sized trucks can carry, and has estimated that the catch today, without an ounce of modern equipment was SEVEN TONS!!!  Now, that's not a bad day fishing!

It's not all work here, however.  Here they are relaxing while watching a spectacular sunset!



Mark did actually mention that he was feeling a little guilty,  that he wasn't back home helping his friends and neighbors cope with six feet of snow on the ground!

 Roxane did a fine job taking all of the above pictures, while I watched from the deck, keeping Coquita out of trouble...

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