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El Gran Condor adds a third dimension to Otavalo products...

Rox and I have been adding wall hangings from Otavalo to our house for three years, by purchasing them from an Otavalo family's shop in the square in Cuenca.  When we arrived in the open market in Otavalo, it was fun to see the broad spectrum of colorful offerings.

By accident, we discovered El Gran Condor in Peguche.  This family takes the wonderful look of Otavalo products, and adds a third dimension, plus the colors seem to be brighter and richer.

Here are some shots of their store to give you an idea of another place to be sure to shop...


The hair of the women shown in the wall hanging to Roxanne's right are actually full size braids woven right into the scene!








This is their website:  http://www.artesaniaelgrancondor.com/productos.html

If you push the "contactos" button, you also get a neat little map showing how to find their store.

Their prices are a tad higher than those in the Otavalo market, but we think that they have the quality and artistry to deserve it. 

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