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Rox notches another birthday--but, by Golly, are they going backwards?

It just seems that Roxanne gets younger all the time!  Those pesky birthdays come and go, but seem to have the opposite effect as they do on the rest of us...

Here is a shot taken this week...


In this one, she looks a tad younger, but egad...it was 40 years ago.  It does show, however, some of our adventures.  We lived in that little house, in a banana plantation on the Canary Islands, for eight months. 

Rox has been up for every adventure, and promoted a bunch of them--how lucky is that!

Thinking of something new and staying out of a rut, are some of the secrets for staying young, and Rox certainly embraces that!!!  No same ol', same ol',  here!

 And...everyone who knows us will tell you that I am a lucky guy to have such a young chick as a partner!

Happy Birthday Rox, with all my love...Bob

Please check out the nice entry from Rich and Nancy... http://richandnancy.blogspot.com/2011/04/happy-birthday-rox.html  thanks mucho guys!!!

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