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When the "Happy Birthday" song comes from the heart...

Roxanne has been having a number of smaller celebrations for her birthday, in that we have been super busy on her actual day, and have been celebrating as we get the time.

For instance, we were totally surprised when Agripina, Isidro, and several family members showed up with a nice flan made by her daughter Cecilia.  And if that wasn't fun enough, they all tuned up and sang Happy Birthday to Rox in English!!!

This really means a lot to us, in that none of them speak a word of English, so they had spent quite a bit of time practicing, until they made it pretty...

I was drafted into the singing group, and totally forgot to take a photo, so this nice shot of Rox with her delicious flan, will help record the occasion...

So...thanks a lot folks for keeping the "movable" birthday moving...


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