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Agripina surprises us with a traditional Ecuadorean Lunch!

Rox and I were thinking about having lunch, when Coquita started barking with her "someone's here" bark, so we went to the door and were surprised to see Agripina holding a huge dish filled with a traditional lunch meal.

take a look...


The ceviche shown is made with corvina or sea bass, and is not cooked, but is marinated in lemon and salt and other good spices to give it a perfectly "cooked" look and taste.  Other ceviches feature shrimp or lobster and often have greens and onions mixed with them.  Agripina provides the other toppings on the side so that one can have as much or little of the other goodies.  She also makes some of the best banana chips I have ever tasted.

Rox and I tend to stay away from raw fish and meat in restaurants and stalls, and thus, we miss some delicious taste treats, but also seem to remain quite a bit healthier.  Today was our first taste of ceviche in three years here, and you may be sure that we are already hooked.

We are already trying to figure how to entice Agripina in to doing this on a regular basis...


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