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Sticker Shock--not so much!




We've been ex-pats for 45 months, and were expecting to be shocked by Life in the US, when we returned this week, for a five week visit.


So far, we have not been shocked by much...here are some observations...


People are paying $3.79 for gas, and are reading headlines about how lucky they are that the price of gas is “going down”. It's hard to get used to paying more that fifty bucks to fill the gas tank of an “economy” car. I don't even want to think of what it takes to fill the double tanks in those big Ford and Dodge pickups.


The residential housing market seems to be dominated by buyers who have an eye on foreclosure prices.


Our Grants Pass Walmart is one of the flagship stores in the chain, and most of the hundreds of parking spaces are filled during the daylight hours.


Cars in adjacent lanes seem to be larger and prettier...


After seven months of rain, Grants Pass is now experiencing absolutely perfect weather. We do seem to see a few more mosquitoes than usual for June. However, they are the young and dumb variety...not the attack bugs that we will see in August.


This July 4th weekend has got Grants Pass bursting at the seams. All of the stores are full, and the gas stations have cars waiting in line, to fill up. The restaurants and the Rogue River are full of happy campers.


We seem to see a lot more gray hair here, but that might be because Senior Citizens in Ecuador do not have much white hair...


On a personal note:


Delta has got our luggage to Medford Airport, but can't seem to get it to us, here at the house. They keep telling us to save the receipts...we are...


During this five week stay, Rox and I plan to work on making two “ranchettes” we have, more salable.


Here are some shots taken as we try to get a handle on high grass everywhere, the pool, and all the surfaces that need paint...


Here's a shot of me trying to get a handle on starting three old mowers...


One pleasant surprise, was that, after four years of renters, our Koi pond still has some Koi swimming around, and is bursting with water lilies. I just got back from a trip to the Grange where I purchased Koi food and mill run salt, used to fight algae and to give the fish protection against most of their common diseases.


One of our spotted Koi has grown to double the size was when we left.  The water lilies are huge--pretty frog pods and lilies!


Rox is sore from painting--but satisfied from taking one guest bedroom from shocking turquoise to neutral beige...


and I haven't done so much weed whacking in years. You may be sure that the stock for Advil, and sinus congestion medicine will be helped by us.

After four years of having the sun go down a 6:25 each day, it is an adjustment to go to bed when it is still light out.

Rox has fixed up the MBR so we can "camp out" while we are working on the place.  The Coleman airbed is a first for us, but Coquita loves it...

 We picked up the two oak side tables for ten bucks each--same for the lamps...It's nice to go to garage sales again...

Coquita loves our house here. She gets to wander about on her own without fear of other dogs or speeding cars. In fact, we have seen almost no dogs. Of course, almost every family has a dog or two, but the leash laws are so strict, that seeing a dog outside alone, is almost impossible.


Our house has what you would call an open floor plan, and a lot of it is is wall to wall carpet, so Coquita can wear herself out, running at top speed through all the rooms.


We didn't have a table, so Rox found this bar table and two bar stools behind the garage, painted them, and now we eat outside.  Not a bad view, over the now blue pool and tennis court...and it's good to see and smell the redwoods and pines...


 Our plan today (Sunday) is to go on over to our other place in Rogue River, and tackle the high weeds, and paint, paint, paint...










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I must say, it is a job well done :) Congrats on your new garden. I like the way how you've done on your lawn, I might use it as a guide for mine.

July 4, 2011 | Unregistered Commentergarage equipment

Love the garden modification and I agree, you have done a job well done. Learned so much from you, thanks and thumbs up!

July 19, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterplumbing

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