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A Nice 4th of July, and a lot of work...


This has been a banner year for grass in Oregon, but not all grass is goooooood... A well-tended lawn is good, but wiry, five-foot high grass is out of control. And...we have acres of it!!!


As we have mentioned, we had to get back to the US, so that we could take control of our properties, and tend to them the best we could, in an effort to sell them this summer.


Now, the “Oregon Dream”, for most city people, is something like “Sunny brook Farms”--lots of white fences, acres of nice short, really green grass, a really nice ranch house, maybe a horse or two, and plenty of trees, landscaping, and green foliage...


OK, we get that...but, when a homestead sits vacant, or is inhabited by renters having other priorities, things go downhill fast...this is especially true in this year when Oregon had six months of rain, followed by mucho warm sunshine—things want to grow, grow, and grow some more!


Our friend Guy, the same one who waited two days to pick us up in Portland, was generous enough to lend us his riding mower, and his weed eater. In addition, we have employed Earl and “Turtle”, who are pros with “brush hogs” and commercial weed whackers...so...we are making progress...




We have had carpets professionally cleaned, Rox has been washing 100's of window panes, and today, I am renting a 3500 psi pressure washer to clean off roof moss, clean off decks, driveways, and sidewalks, and finally spray away four years of accumulated dirt around the pool.


And yes, we are tired...we are four years older than when we left for Ecuador, and we are sorely out of practice—We love Agripina and Isidro, who effortlessly, it seems, take care of this stuff at the beach.


We are also getting used to going to bed almost before the sun goes down. For four years the sun has set everyday at 6:20 pm, and now the sun goes down after 8:30! We are astounded when we get a phone call after 8 pm, and we have to wake up to get it...


What recession??? Our Walmart super store, has hundreds of parking places over about five acres of blacktop, and yesterday, every spot was taken, and dozens of cars were circling like sharks looking for someone to pull out. And this is way after 4th of July weekend!


Every gas station is pumping gas at every pump, as people can't wait to pay a 100 bucks to fill those tanks—we are pining away for our Ecuador fixed prices of $1.48 for unleaded, and $1.20 to fill a five gallon sized propane tank...(No, that is not a typo—our 14 gal propane tanks cost $1.80 to fill).


We are also missing the “no prescription needed” method of dispensing drugs from Ecuador pharmacies. In Ecuador, we have three pharmacies across the street, so we just take a short walk to get just about anything we need. As you all know, in the US, you need a “note from your doc” to buy just about anything but aspirin...


And speaking of aspirin...we are taking liberal doses of ibuprofen and sinus medication, as our tired and sore muscles complain, and our noses rebel at the massive doses of allergens they must breathe in...


But...everything is not just doom and gloom...we love living in our house for this month--(heck, our kitchen cost one third of what our whole beach house cost in Ecuador!). It's great to be able to wash your car with drinking water. June is the best weather of the year in Oregon. It is warm, not much rain, no bugs to speak of, and everything is blooming—the green knocks your socks off. Plus the air is absolutely pure, with the smell of real pine trees—much better than the bottled stuff...


Plus, we were invited to a little 4th of July gathering, where we got to sample how great the beef is in the USA.  As much as we love Ecuador, the stringy, tough beef (even fillet mignon), takes a bit of getting used to.  Suzy and Pete were the perfect hosts, and the beef and chicken were bar-b-qued perfectly, while the potato salad was melt in your mouth delicious... 



I am making this entry from an institution called Dutch Bros in downtown Grants Pass...they have free internet, and great coffee, so in the morning I am surrounded by old geeks (some young ones), and in the afternoon, all the local kids hang around and remind me of "American Grafitti"...".  All the girls are in short shorts and scoop tops, and the guys are hanging around in their new University of Oregon tee shirts and hats.


At the party, Andrew, Pete's brother,  was quite taken by Coquita


We are surrounded by turkeys with chicks and lots of mama deer with twins (all the better to eat your flowers with...)



Stay tuned for more later...



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