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Glad to be back...even got to spend an hour watching whales swim by...

Our Delta flight arrived right on time in Guayaquil, and this was really great-- not so great was the two other jumbos that had also arrived at just about the same time.  Our plane carried over 300 folks, and we were also in competition with an American Airlines Jumbo, and one from Bogata also had tons of folks.  We didn't have the same baggage carousal, but we all were going through customs and baggage inspection together.


We  have to hand it to the Ecuador customs folks however, they had over 20 booths checking people, and we all moved along briskly.    Our info was all in the National Computer, so our customs man just made a bunch of notations on his keyboard, stamped our customs declaration, and visa paper and we were good to go...


Next we hit the inspection point, where all our stuff went in through their big machine.  What was interesting, is that the young woman scanning a bag that held our new printer just asked "is that a printer?"  We said yes, and she said "carry on"...and we were done!  The TSA, however, insisted that we open up that bag so they could make sure...


Coquita spent over 15 hours in her crate, since the airports now insist that we can't hold her in our arms while waiting for all the stuff to happen.  She was perfect--and gets a bunch of gold stars!


We hadn't seen Dave and Arnette for a long time, so we had a lot of catching up to do at Houlihan's in the Atlantic airport.  Dave told us that Atlanta was the busiest in the world, and we  believe him.  Their tram is so fast that it's scary.  It was fun to catch up while waiting for our Ecuador plane to board. 


Our jumbo held a huge number of returning and visiting Ecuadorians, and when we got out to the airport waiting area, we were greeted by over 1000 smiling relatives and friends who were all waiting to see their family members again.  The good feelings were just magic.


Our magic cab driver, Jorge, was waiting for us...and it was a real pleasure to have a safe and sane cab driver taking us all the way back to our front door ($80--if he doesn't have to wait for a late arrival--then it's more).  His number is 089 593 505--tell him you know Roberto and Roxana...

We got a huge welcome from Agripina and Isidro, and also lots of help with the heavy luggage. (4 am).

It's a real luxury to know you can leave your place, and it will be in better shape than when you left.  for example, the grass is greener, and the whole house has been painted--thanks to Manual.

Rox took a sip from her coffee this morning, and said "isn't this supposed to whale season?", and I swear, within 10 seconds, we saw two spouts!!!  Right behind the wave were two mamas and two babies.  Must have been a lot of fish out there, 'cause they didn't move very fast past our line of vision.

The whales were a added plus to a wonderful welcome home!




Posted on Wed, August 31, 2011 at 03:52PM by Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne | Comments1 Comment

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B&R....Finally. I'm really glad to see the new posts. First thing I have to admit is I now fully understand the meaning of "vicarious". So, get with it and let's start enjoying that Ecuador living again.
Glad you're home. lw in tx.

August 31, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterEl L

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