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Less than 100 days until the Kid's Christmas Party!

Where does the time go?  It just seems like last month that we wrapped up the blog descriptions of last year's Kid's Christmas Party, but....Rox and I head out early tomorrow morning to buy more than 100 toy trucks and 100 dolls, just so we can get a jump on hauling them all back to the Coast.

We have so many needy children that deserve at least one Christmas present, that it now takes two or even three trips from Cuenca to the Coast just to get the presents and supplies we need.

Why Cuenca, you ask?  Why don't we just buy the items closer to where we live.  Well, the primary reason is cost.  The Coral store here in Cuenca sells a nifty, macho toy truck in a hard plastic package for less than one third what that same toy will cost at the Coast, and the same ratio applies for the dolls that Rox picks out for all the little girls.

This year, she also plans to buy a lot more "baby" gifts, as many of the mothers, who accompany their children, have babes in arms.

In addition, the incredible amount of Christmas candy, and especially animal crackers, come in large, wholesale sized containers, and are priced accordingly.

Our SUV holds a lot, but we still fill it up three times.

As I was getting ready to write this entry this morning (beautiful sunrise to the East looking out of the Cuenca Bowl--and just a wisp of cloudiness--no fog!), I thought I would try to read some of the blog entries describing previous parties.  I put in "Kid"s Christmas Party" in the little search box, and I got a whole bunch of fun stuff to read!  It really put me in the mood! Try it--it will make you feel good...

Now, you regular readers know what is coming next...

Each year as our Kid's Party has grown, you wonderful folks out there have kept up with our increasing costs.   There is a chance that we will serve up food, fun, gifts, and Papa Noel to over 400 kids again this year. 

So...if you wish to participate in a really fun day for these kids, please send some dough to our PayPal account, bobnrox@gmail.com which is the same as our email account.


 Here are a few of last year's blog entries to put you in the mood...










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