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We, and Coquita, enjoy our visit with Rich and Nancy...

Since we rolled into Cuenca on Tuesday, we have been amazed at how much we have accomplished.  We took care of a bunch of legal, financial, and administrative stuff in record time, and we owe it in large part to the wonderful hospitality of Rich and Nancy.  They are such good hosts, that we can concentrate on the stuff we have to do.  We especially are thankful to them that they have a such a terrific relationship with Coquita that we know she will be happy and safe, whenever we return from our errands  We also thank them for their valuable advice and access to their many contacts.


Here we are taking care of all that extra hair...



 I want to say "Hi" to Terry my wonderful barber in Grants Pass...I miss our wide-ranging talks...

Rich say to give you a big hello from him, also!


It wasn't all work--Rich and Nancy provided another fabulous Fillet Mignon dinner, and mucho fun talk...


Our Mom used to call this "cupboard love", but "what the hey", it still feels good...  


So...again this year, we wish to say thanks to Rich and Nancy for their great support all year, but especially as we launch a new buying spree for the Kid's Christmas Party--Couldn't do without Ya!!!


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