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Zowiee!!! We are off to a great start for the Kid's Christmas Party--Thanks to fast response by you generous Readers!

Rox and I set off early yesterday morning, for the the Huge Coral Store at Mal Del Rio, where they have about a jillion macho toy trucks and pretty dolls for girls of all ages.  And, again this year, we are glad we are shopping in September because they are marking down tons of toys in preparation for the shiploads of toys coming in each day.

We were able to buy, fresh out of the carton,  trucks and dolls that had been purchased last year, at a savings of over $2.00 per item, because this year's models feature a translucent wheel instead of last years "all black" wheel.  A distinction that will mean absolutely na da to a happy young boy.

Rox even found some incredibly beautiful dolls in a case that wasn't even begun to be unpacked.  She just reached in a grabbed a dozen.

Here she is about half way through the doll section...


And a shot of me surrounded by macho trucks...

 In this shot, you can see the "translucent" tires of the new model trucks--Two bucks higher!


We finally had to quit shopping as we have to leave some room in the SUV for Rox and Me and Coquita.

Rox is already planning on having a huge pile of toys all around her feet as we drive home.


Here we are checking out with five over-flowing carts...



This was a great start, as there was plenty of selection, good prices, and lots of help from the friendly staff.

But most of all!!!  You wonderful folks out there have already picked up over half of the cost of all  these toys--in just the last 24 hours!   

We can guarantee any of you folks,  who still wish to send a few bucks, that there is no other place where your dough will produce so many smiles.  Especially, as this may be the only present that some of these young folks receive this year.

Just send a little to our Pay-Pal account which is bobnrox@gmail.com

Thanks a lot, and stay tuned for further fun updates...

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