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The Casa Blanca reinvents itself!

When we left for the States,  the Casa Blanca, our favorite restaurant in Montanita, was closed for remodeling.  We hadn't intended to go out last night, but just about dinnertime, our curiosity got the best of us, plus we didn't have a good "Saturday Night" meal to cook at home.  So off we went...


And...you would have thought that we were visiting royalty, by the reception we got!  We were immediately collared by the Manager, and the Owner, who all wanted to show us all the new stuff...

And believe me, it is all new!  I think the only thing remaining from the old Casa Blanca was the square lights hanging over the outside tables.

Here is a shot of the totally new bar and triple-sized kitchen full of stainless...the bar is a huge piece of curved granite...as a former bar owner, I wonder how many glasses will bite the dust as an excited customer slams his glass down on the bar...    



The Manager took this shot of us just to prove we were there...   



The menu has taken a decided turn toward Peruvian style cooking (whatever that is).  My meal hasn't been on the menu for a couple of years, so I got just what I wanted, however Rox is still searching for a dish that will knock her socks off...In case you are wondering what I have had for about 50 times in a row, it is Rice with Vegetables with a chicken breast, green peppers and sauteed onions on top.  The rice is yellowish...not not the anemic white that I don't like.  Just ask for the Plato de Roberto...

Unfortunately, we learned that Hector now works somewhere else.  We aim to find out where next week.

We are in our cool season, so people watching and tourism are off a little, but there were still a lot of Ecuadorian tourists checking out Montanita.

We will wait to see if all these changes are for the best...

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