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The Aquarium stages an "Event" to return our baby Sea Turtles to the Sea!

Rox and I received a two page invitation from the Aquarium Director to attend a symposium on marine wildlife.  The event would take place Saturday, and the highlight of the day would be the speeding on their way of the 10 baby Sea Turtles, that we took to them on New Year's Day...

We were busy as bird-dogs with guests that day, so we were only able to watch the reuniting of our babies to the sea for their long journey to adulthood...

The folks who had been in the classes all arrived with faces and bodies painted.  Take a look...



Rox posed with Alex, Agripina's grandson...


Ten lucky people each had a baby turtle, and placed them down to wait for an approaching wave.  It came right on up with a sweeping motion, and helped all the babies get in fast.  It was a gentle ebb of a wave, and we could watch as the babies were carried about 40 feet, until they met an approaching wave.   We waited for the incoming wave to bring back the turtles, but they were a lot stronger now, and they swam under the wave, just as the surfers do.   They've got a hard row to hoe, but hopefully, they will be better equipped to make it, now that they are stronger.


It didn't take long for all of the participants to join them (about 30 minutes later)...

 All in all, a pretty darn good day...

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Now summer is here, we could enjoy the scenery at the beach with hot sun and the white sands. This moments are totally treasured.

April 7, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterdog food

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