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When Ecuador is rated "No. 1 for Retirement", they forget to rate the "are we having fun yet? component!!!

There is no doubt that Ecuador rates number one as a retirement destination.  Great country, great people, very reasonable living costs, really healthy environment, and a government that helps the people, but doesn't insist on regulating every aspect of their lives...

But...where are the pundits when it comes to rating the "Having Fun" index?  Who knows?

However, Ecuador is a "having fun" kind of place 

For example, I went to Montanita to have some translations made, and was driving to the Montanita Spanish School, when I was blocked by a photo shoot.   I was content to just wait and watch, but the whole crew broke down the light and photo "umbrellas" just to let me pass.  They were just too nice, so I parked and went over to thank them for being so courteous.

They were shooting some kind of travel documentary, and as we talked, they asked if I would like to pose with their model...Of course, they didn't have to ask me twice!!!

Here we ask the question "Are we having fun yet"  and the answer "You bet your ass!!!"



This is another shot with a painted manikin across the street from the Casa Blanca...  

So Yes, going to the store here is a lot more fun than standing in line at Wal-Mart!!!

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