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Wow! Our 2012 Kid's Christmas Party Preparations start out with a Bang!

Our regular readers know that each year we throw a pretty big Kid's Christmas Party for a lot of kids who might only get a piece of fruit or a little candy for Christmas.


The Coral Toy Department at The Mall Del Rio in Cuenca took on a different look this Monday, as Roxanne purchased all the toys we will be handing out to 350 kids at our Kid's Christmas Party this December.


I was taking care of a bunch of paperwork, with the good intention of returning quickly to complete my portion of the purchasing which involves toy trucks and other macho young boy presents.


I got delayed (of course!), so when I arrived, Roxanne was lined up with eight carts full of dolls and trucks and baby toys, with an entourage of several bag boys, the floor manager, and two check out clerks, all trying to get the toys from the carts, onto the counter to be scanned by the sales clerk, and then carefully bagged into over twenty huge plastic bags.


As Rox was paying the bill and waiting for the four foot long single spaced “factura”, I led the parade outside to our waiting SUV, all the while thinking “there is no way, all these goodies, will all fit inside!”


Well, we made it work! Bags were pressing against the headliner in the rear storage area and the second seat.


Here's a shot of Rox checking out. There is a bag boy at the end of the line still unloading two carts unto the checkout stand, unfortunately, he bent over just as I snapped the photo...


Rox and I really got into the “Christmas Mood”, just looking over some of our past Kid's Christmas Parties...we hope you will click on some of the highlighted entries just to give yourself a really good, warm feeling...


This is our first party. Our plan was to have a little party for a few neighborhood kids.







We now have to print tickets for admission, because families from other villages try to bring their kids to our neighborhood party. Not wanting to disappoint needy children, we have increased our party size to the max, and still have our admission people hand out candy, animal crackers, and school supplies--to children that we must turn away.


 Take a look at last year's party!  2011





In this entry, you see Rox stuffing 500 Christmas photos in view sleeves to hand out to each kid's family. For many, this is the only photo of that child they will get in the whole year!



This year, it looks as if Papa Noel will be handing out 350 dolls, trucks, baby toys, wrapped candy, animal crackers, and school supplies. We will be feeding all of these kids, plus a couple of hundred moms. In addition to ourselves, we will be hiring more than 10 workers (some right off other construction jobs—at their daily pay rate), plus Agripina and all of her family volunteers,  to act as waiters, set up and take down crews, security, food prep service, and clean up. (whew!).


Now, all of you regular and newer readers know that a production like this costs a bunch. Roxanne and I are happy to foot the lion's share of the costs, but it surely helps, if some of you wonderful folks send down a couple of bucks to help defray some costs.

So...we're asking again, if you might send a few bucks to our PayPal account which is bobnrox@gmail.com   




As the time for the party approaches, we will be giving all of you updates on our progress...


 Thanks mucho!!!


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  • Response
    Wow! Our 2012 Kid's Christmas Party Preparations start out with a Bang! - You can join here... - BobnRox
  • Response
    Wow! Our 2012 Kid's Christmas Party Preparations start out with a Bang! - You can join here... - BobnRox
  • Response
    Wow! Our 2012 Kid's Christmas Party Preparations start out with a Bang! - You can join here... - BobnRox

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