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Humpbacks join us for lunch and dinner...

Seeing whales from our deck is just as exciting to us now, as it was five years ago.  Lately, they don't seem so intent on just passing through.  We had a couple of mamas and a bunch of smaller ones stick around for a couple or three days last week.  It was pretty easy to watch the big whales slapping water with huge tails, and also driving themselves straight up out of the water to fall back like a boat launch.  Huge splash!  We also saw, what we might call juveniles for the first time.  A junping whale, playing around, but about half the size of mama and twice the size of the babies.

We probably had a pretty good supply of fish out in front of us, so they were just coolin' it and chowin' down.  

We do have a note of concern...we haven't seen one dolphin in three years.  Hope this isn't something to do with a gap in the food chain, on a sickness caused by very warm water.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that it is just a cycle.

Here is a nice friendly sunset...

This is a first for us..this guy skimmed the sandy beach all the way across our 180 degree view...


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