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The Kid's Chistmas Party is Shaping UP!




The only way to make the Kid's Christmas Party flow right and look easy, is to start planning in October.   Now that November is here, the fact that the party is "next month", gives a sense of urgency to the planning and the purchasing.






Roxanne set up a display of just some of the dolls and macho trucks, so that you can see what the kids get this year.



 Here's a closeup of the dolls and a macho truck...




This month, we travel to Cuenca again, to buy tons of Christmas candy, and over 100 pounds of animal crackers in huge bags.

Here's last year's shot of Roxanne filling over 350 baggies with goodies...

500 plates will be served


We serve about 100 liters of soft drinks...


Roxanne makes the "Santa Helpers Hats" that all the staff wear.


We custom order more that 500 hot buns which we pick up on the day of the party.

When we pack up all the buns, it is hard to believe that every hot dog will be eaten.  Clean up crews never find food left on plates...


We buy the large wieners for the hot dogs at a special meat wholesaler in Guayaquil.  They sell you the meat by weight, as they know how many wieners are in each kilo.  Not quite sure how many dogs are in each giant bag, but they are almost impossible to lift...

We rent little tables and chairs, so that everyone has a seat.  These guys are the ones that provide seating for all the big weddings that go on.



As you can see, the tables are put to good use...


 Behind the scenes, Roxanne has the large bags sorted out by girl or boy and age.  This year she will find and hand to Santa (Papa Noel), 350 appropriate gifts.  It takes several days just to load the gift bags.


For the last four years, these pros at Digital Photo Express, have spent the first part of the Christmas Eve morning printing over 500 photos for me, so I could hot foot it home for Agripina to pass out to the families for Christmas.

 I get to their doors at 9:00 on Christmas Eve morning, and they present me with over 500 5 x 7 priceless photos, by Noon.

This is just some of the crew that made it happen last year...lots more behind the scenes folks were off making sure that everything was smoooooooth...  

OK Folks!  Here's the Pitch!  Several of you very generous contributors have kept us even to now, but we still need help buying the hot dogs, chips, drinks, plates cups,  forks and condiments.

We take a dozen construction guys off their job and need to pay them their daily wage.

We must rent all the tables.

We must pay for over 500 photos at 50 cents a pop.

That's just the big stuff...

So...we know you are tired of being asked for donations, but you can make a happy difference down here for needy kids, who don't get a Christmas celebration, unless they come here.

Please send what you can to our PayPal account bobnrox@gmail.com 

That warm feeling is contagious--pass it on.


Thanks mucho to all of our great readers.

Bob & Roxanne

Posted on Thu, November 1, 2012 at 05:15AM by Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne | Comments1 Comment

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That is so wonderful that you do this for the children! I myself love giving to children, it is so rewarding. While I sew children's gowns for children with cancer and donate it to them to keep. It is all made possible by donation also. of money and supplies of fabric and other sewing notions. I am on facebook under Susan T. Dufrene or Lara's Gowns for Smiles. I sent a donation to your paypal, so you can continue your project.

November 2, 2012 | Unregistered Commentersusan

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