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Going 100 mph to make it look easy on game day!!!

Just a few more days to go and we welcome 500 neighborhood kids and their moms (dads, too) through our gates, to have fun, get a gift bag from Santa, with a photo to boot.  All this comes with good cheer, hot dogs, potato chips, and lots of Coca Cola.

Making it look easy requires tons of time and energy before the big day...

For example, Rox and I traveled to Cuenca and filled the SUV with toys on one trip, and when we returned we loaded the car down with candy.  The candy was so heavy, that this 3/4 ton rated vehicle sagged 4 inches lower!  The animal crackers alone were almost 200 pounds (80 kg)

We went to Guayaquil twice for 160 liters of Coca Cola, 500 cups, 500 plates, and 500 napkins.

We went to Salinas to fill the car with 500 bags of potato chips.   We used to make potato salad, but the logistics of keeping that much cold until game day was too daunting.  Besides, the kids love their own bag of chips!

We special ordered 500 dogs from this little shop in La Libertad.  As you can see, they carry lots and lots of choices...ours was the one that seems to have a little white tag near it.

The bag the owner is holding holds 520 wieners!  I really appreciated his offer to haul that load a half block to load in the container full of ice, that we had waiting.


Here is where we ordered 500 buns to be made for us on the day before the party.  This oven is old and huge.  I think the base is about 10 feet across on the inside.


 Rox and I spent our Sunday filling up 400 baggies with animal crackers and Christmas candy...It taste really good at first, but pretty soon, say after you have loaded 350 baggies, your back hurts and your neck is stiff, and you've eaten enough broken animal crackers to last until next year...


We are also including a gold piece in each kid's baggie...wish they were krugerrands


Here is a shot of just some of the toy trucks and cute dolls that will be going into over 375 gift bags for kids who don't normally get much more for Christmas than a piece of fruit...


OK Folks!!!  Here's the pitch...we are keeping even on our expenses so far, thanks to your generosity.  Still to come are daunting costs to pay for the workers and kitchen wages (over $300),

500 5" x 7" color photos of each child meeting Santa (Papa Noel)...quote from Digital Express ($140) Note:  this photo is often the only one that a family will have of that child for the whole year!.

 and seating costs for all of the kids and moms ($175).

So...if you have been wondering if we might still need a little help bringing a huge smile to these kid's faces, the answer is Yes!

If you want to send along a little dough that you know will be used in the right way, please just send it to our PayPal account address  bobnrox@gmail.com , which is also our email address.

Thanks mucho to all of you!!!


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