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The deck is moving forward on all fronts--take a look...

Here are more shots of the deck progress:

Alfredo is using his new mini-grinder to make the ceramic tiles fit perfectly...

Avelio is doing the hard but very important job of putting in the grout and wiping off the excess...

 Silva is putting in the "granito" (exposed mini-aggregate), so that nobody slips when the stairs are wet.

The stairs finished with "granito" but before banisters are installed...

Alfredo and Warren build each section of railing to exact specifications.  In fact, they must hammer them in between concrete posts--the tolerances are so tight...

 The lumber used for these railings is so strong that nails just bend, if they are not pre-drilled.  It is so strong that we have a baggie full of broken drill bits, even...

The first railing fit just perfectly!

 The mill guys work far into the night to fabricate our railings and uprights...now our guys sand them, and add an insecticide to make sure that the wood does not become home for undesirable creatures.


 In this shot, you see just how close the waves are, how the posts are made of reinforced concrete, and that the guys have come and taken down the support for the cement deck pour.

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the pine beetle in BC caused major devastation. Whole hectares of forest gone. Homes in once beautiful settings sitting in the middle of nothing. This was because BC adopted a no spray program, and the weather never got cold enough for the beetles to die. The dead wood was used to roof the Olympic speed skating rink. It is known as Blue Denim wood because of the staining in the wood caused by the beetles. They hoped to market it. I guess I should see how that worked out... Anyhow I think it was good that you took care of your trees the way you did.

Cheers and watch for falling coconuts!
Shelagh and Peter

May 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterShelagh

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