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Is Ecuador in your Future???  

Roxanne and I are coming up on our five year anniversary as residents of Ecuador.  We can tell you right now, that we have never had any doubts, not one, about settling here.  Every day we wake up with a smile on our faces and almost have to pinch ourselves to believe that we are really here.

Interest in Ecuador, as a retirement destination, is at a all time high.  We are reprinting an article that appeared in our birth city of San Francisco, yesterday.  This article claims that you can have a "beach pad" and a "mountain hideaway", and live the lifestyle of the rich on $940 a month!

Anyone who believes this statement, should immediately write to International Living and ask to see photos of the beach pads and mountain hideaways that are just waiting for you.

True, there are some cookie-cutter developments being promoted by Gringos in various places--but first, make sure that you really want to live like this.

Be aware that there are already a ton of Gringos here!

For example, when we first bought our condo in Cuenca, there was one "Gringo night", and maybe about 25-30 folks would show up.  Friends of ours have just returned from Cuenca, where they report that they went to four Gringo nights in one week and each was packed!

Here at the Coast, we see tour after tour of prospective buyers being herded along by real estate sales "agents".

Ecuador may be in your future, but it is not the "Big Rock Candy Mountain" that it is hyped to be.  If you wish to live here and enjoy a wonderful retirement, you are going to have to work for it!

Here are a couple of articles that we wrote, and they still apply!




Here is the San Francisco Chronicle article... 


On August 2, 2012, 242 baby boomers will arrive in Quito, Ecuador to explore the benefits of retiring to the low-cost South American nation, InternationalLiving.com reports.

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) June 27, 2012

More and more baby boomers are taking their retirements overseas, and low-cost Ecuador is today’s hottest destination, says Dan Prescher, an editor with InternationalLiving.com. A record number of attendees have registered for International Living's upcoming event in Ecuador.

“Ecuador truly is a retirement paradise. It has one of the world's best climates, lowest cost of living, a retirement program that will save you thousands of dollars a year and top-notch medical care at up to one-tenth the cost of the U.S.

“Really, Ecuador would be a fascinating place to live at any price,” says Prescher. “But here, a couple can live the lifestyle of the rich—hopping back and forth between a beach pad and a mountain hideaway as they choose—on less than $940 a month.”

And boomers are not just dreaming about retiring to Ecuador. They’re doing something about it. On June 1, International Living opened up registration for its Fast Track Ecuador: Lifestyle and Opportunity Conference to be held at the Swissotel in Quito, Ecuador.

242 people have already registered to attend the conference, scheduled for August 2-4. The event features two-and-a-half days of presentations by InternationalLiving.com editors, Ecuador experts, real estate sources, business contacts, expats and professional legal resources.

The goal of the conference is to help future retirees learn more about living, buying property, starting a business, or investing in Ecuador. Ecuador has been International Living’s top retirement haven in the world for four years running.

Registration is still open for International Living’s Fast Track Ecuador: Lifestyle and Opportunity Conference, and the number of attendees continues to rise. The event capacity is 350 attendees. For more details: "Fast Track Ecuador: Lifestyle and Opportunity Conference".

Editor’s Note: Further information on the conference and photos of Ecuador are available on request. Members of the media have full permission to reproduce the article linked above either in part or in its entirety, once credit is given to InternationalLiving.com.

Media Contact: For information about InternationalLiving.com content republishing, available source material or to book an interview with one of our experts, contact Associate Editor Carol Barron, 772-678-0287 (US), CBarron(at)InternationalLiving(dot)com or visit the International Living Media Center. For automatic updates on the most current stories, follow International Living Media on Twitter.

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