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Ecuador has the weekend off, and the folks are on the move!

This three day weekend,  celebrating Ecuador's independence day  gives most people the day off, and it seems that Guayaquil is emptying out, and they're all coming to the Coast!

Our new road system is pretty wonderful, and most of the time we just sail down these four lane highways with just a little company.  

This morning, I was on my way to Salinas (La Libertad, actually), to pick up a bunch of stuff at SuperMaxi and the hardware store.  Well, I had the road to myself going south, but at 10:00 am, there was a steady line of SUV's, filled with Moms and Pops, and lots of little ones, all bent on coming to Montanita.  Within about 10 minutes I had seen hundreds of packed beach going stationwagons...

The road to Salinas if 58 Km south from our house, and after driving for about 30 minutes, I began to see that Montanita was in for an unplanned inundation of beach loving families...one that there was no hope of handling.

Now, Montanita has grown from a surfer village a few years ago to a curtsey place with dozens of restaurants, lots of new hostels, and hotels and rooming places.  But...the whole thing has grown without any sort of plan or direction.  Anyone who owns a lot is developing it.

When I arrived at the road entering the La Libertad area, I found that It too was gridlocked.  Not just slow, but stopped.  I should have known that the happy beach folks would head for Salinas beach, too.

So, I turned around and headed home, stopped at a hardware store for some essential remodel items, and drove on up to Montanita for one more item.

Zowieee!  What a bash...Montanita is wall to wall SUV's and party goers.  People going in to find a parking place are leaving by the lower exit.  The cars are parking all along Ruta Del Sol, so I parked along the main highway, ran and got my stuff, and reversed on out of there.   On the way back, 3 Km, I passed another couple of hundred SUV's all headed in...

Where they will all sleep, eat, and party tonight is beyond me...but it will be fun!!!




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