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The President details Ecuador's progress from Montanita's beach...

When the President comes to town, it's always a big deal, no matter what country you are from.  Here in Ecuador it is no different!

We were having coffee on the deck Saturday morning when the the sound of crashing waves significantly increased!  It took us a moment to realize that the sound was that of two low flying choppers,  flying right over our house, directly in line for a Montanita landing...

Turns out that President Correa had a whiz bang topic for his Saturday address to the nation.  He was showcasing the incredible progress Ecuador has made in the last 4 years, toward becoming a "First world nation".

He told of laying the groundwork for a more prosperous future for all citizens, by shoring up a crippled infrastructure, such as a series of new highways connecting all of the cities, in order to expand trade and tourism.  He emphasized the new constitution which treats the rights of the environment, as equal to the rights of all citizens.  The constitution plainly lays out the rights and responsibilities of each citizen, plus their protection from arbitrary actions by regulatory authorities.  (see complete constitution in previous entries on this blog).

He has assured all students that Ecuador will fund their education all the way through college.

All communities are seeing improved roads, sewer projects, schools, and traffic safety.

There is no doubt that there is a long way to go, but at this rate of progress, Ecuador might soon be knocking on that door of the "First World Fraternity".

Here is shot of the President's chopper...notice that even families were allowed to take a photo of their child right next to it...


People came from everywhere to see the President...Near the surf point where the President's tent was set up, all traffic spaces were taken for a mile in each direction.  They had the Army helping the guard detail, just to keep the traffic moving.  Long after the speech began, happy citizens were dismounting from buses and hurrying to see the man who has an 80 percent approval rating here in Ecuador...


The President, one of the strongest ever, has a  PhD in Economics from Univ. Of Illinois, and his mom lives in Southern California.   Ecuador and the US are still strong trading partners.

Roxanne took Alex along to see the President, as I drove the car back and forth along the Ruta Del Sol, because a mile walk was a little long for me.  Rox took these photos...

Alex's mom was working, so we were glad to take him for his first in person look at his President...

We were able to make it home before all the notables were fed and loaded up in their choppers, but we got to wave goodbye as it flew right back over the house...this time gaining altitude...

All in All, a nice way to spend part of a Saturday...

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How exciting! No denying he is pouring a ton of money into improving the infrastructure of the country and the lives of its poorest. And the new Constitution should serve in many ways as a model for other countries. I actually read it in its entirety. He would have my vote--if I could vote here! I am proud and gratefulto be a resident of this beautiful progressive country

October 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAnne Sangine

Rox was lucky to get so close. When Presidente Correas comes to Cuencva on November 3, the crowd will be huge, and we will probably not attend.

October 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterChuck Watson

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