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Yes, we want a yard that looks like the jungle!!!

Our poor yard has been neglected for the last few years, and we have decided to do something about it.  Here is a shot of how it looked a couple of weeks ago...


Much of our enthusiasm for gardening has been dampened by the shortage of water from our community water company, coupled with the high water bills that we already have.  Also, the 24 hour onshore flow of salt air tends to crisp up the tender leaves of our plants.

Our local helpers have all told us that we can have a nice yard, if we get better soil, use more water, and provide the right nutrients...they also told us that we have water in the ground at the 8 foot depth.

So...here are some shots of the new plants arriving from Milagro...the nursery Capital of the Coast...

We had purchased these plants and trees on our way up to Cuenca to buy the Kid's Party trucks and dolls.  The truck arrived a week later, upon our return...

The nursery owner insisted that we would love this plant, and we do!!!

We  discovered why our current plants were so malnourished...the ground was like digging into cement!  We are planting these new plants and trees with 35 sacks of ground amendment and plant food.


Here is what we are starting with again...some of these plants have already grown over a foot!



As of now, we have rain and cool weather to keep the plants happy, but we know that when December comes, that we will need copious amounts of water on this yard, everyday.

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