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When you turn 65, you deserve a good bike!

Isidro, who lives on our property with Agripina,  his wife, has helped us since the day we arrived.  For a guy who is certifiably a senior citizen, he has the energy of a 25 year old.  Strong, too!

For many years, prior to our arrival, Isidro has arisen at 5:00 am, grabbed a large plastic tub, boarded the bus to ride 20 km south of here to the Palmar fish market, where he has purchased a full load of fresh fish for delivery to his steady clients in Monglaralto and Montanita.  

For all of these years, he has attached this heavy load of fish to a bicycle that had no brakes, lights, or decent pedals.  The bike also had bare tires, frequent flats, and an ill-fitting chain and sprocket.  Not only that, it was covered with rust.  This is really what it looked like!!!

Since this was pretty much Isidro's business, Rox and I didn't pay much attention to the sorry state of his bike, but it finally got to be too much.  Rox said that a great birthday present would be for me to go with Isidro to the bike shop, and get the bike fixed up.

So we did...here is a photo of the stuff we purchased to help give the bike a new life.

A closer look will show, new tires, new tubes, new chain, new sprocket, new bearings, new brakes, new pedals, and new paint.  Kind of hard to see...

We found that the mechanic would not be able to put all this together until the following Monday, and would take over four days.  Well, Isidro needs his bike everyday!

So...we asked the guys (same bunch who drilled for water and dug the well), if they knew how to put all this stuff on the bike, and they said in unison "of course!"

Later that evening, we had Isidro and Agripina over for drinks and gave him a couple of new shirts, some beers for later, and a huge cake and a couple of tubs of ice cream for celebrating with his family.

Here is how the bike looked when we returned from Cuenca, where we went to buy all the candy and Animal Crackers for the Kid's Christmas Party...

Fernando, Santo, and Isidro worked all Sunday sanding and painting, oiling,  greasing, and installing all the new items--and they did one whale of a job resurrecting an almost dead bike...

Here's a closer look...

Tomorrow, we buy him a couple of mirrors and some fat reflectors...

All in all, a terrific example of teamwork for a good guy!

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