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More Preparations for The Kid's Christmas Party...

Each year we make two seven hour trips to Cuenca to supply the Kid's Christmas Party. On the first trip, we fill the SUV to the top with Dolls, Trucks, cars, and Baby gifts. In fact, This year, Roxanne had to repack 18 huge bags from Coral down to 14, just so we could all fit in the car for the drive back. The Coral super store in Cuenca has many aisles of toy trucks and cars, and many more of cute dolls. They are priced from low to high, but the lower priced trucks and dolls, are a third the price of the same ones here at the Coast. Plus, at the Coast, there is no selection.


We just returned from our second annual trip, where we stocked up on 80 Kg of animal crackers—the all time favorite of the Kids...that's 176 pounds! We also bought 10 five and ten kg bags of Christmas Candy! The photo shows us posing with the carts as we filled them...


Roxanne also bought cute earrings for the ladies who will put all the 500 hot dogs together for hungry kids and moms (some dads, too...).


As the party gets closer, we print up 350 tickets (the limit of our capability), and begin purchasing 500 plates, cups, napkins, 500 wieners, and order 500 specially made buns. We purchase over 100 liters of Coca Cola. We buy a huge supply of mustard, mayonnaise, and catsup. The custom here is that each hot dog is graced with a bit of each condiment. We rent tables and seating for about 500.


Roxanne and I fill 500 baggies full with animal crackers and Christmas Candy. This takes us two days.

Roxanne personally fills over 300 gift bags which will hold a macho truck or car, or a cute doll, plus some school supplies, and one of the baggies filled with goodies.  


On the day of the party, we, and our helpers create “Santa's workshop” and set up all the chairs and tables. All of the gift bags are brought downstairs, all the food and drinks are brought downstairs. The music, lights, and Christmas tree are set up./


Isidro, and several of our workers, handle the gate. We have many requests from children older than our cutoff of 10 years old. To keep them happy, Isidro has 100 baggies of animal crackers and Christmas Candy, that he hands out, in lieu of admission.


During the party, I and some of the volunteers take photos of the kids having fun and visiting Santa. The next day, I hot foot it down to Photo Express to get 500 matte 5” by 7” prints made. This photo is often the only picture the family has of that child for the whole year.


So far, readers of this blog, and many friends and relatives, are keeping us even on the expenditures, however, we have a lot more to do, so if you would like to help make these kids have an even bigger smile, we would appreciate it if you would send along some dough to our PayPal address which is:



If you don't wish to use a PayPal account, just send us an email including the amount you would like to donate, and we will send you a “Request for Money”. You can use any type of card for this.


We also stress that one hundred percent of your donation goes directly to the kids!


Thanks a lot,



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